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This Project was undertaken as part of my Master's project, Since the pandemic began more and more masks are being used. In June 2020 masks became a mandatory part of life and since that point it is estimated that 53 million masks are being discarded a day in the UK alone. On my daily walks during the second lockdown I started noticing an increased amount of masks on the floor and decided to include it in my pollution series that is currently underway and will soon be up on my site to see. We are currently fighting a virus that has devastated the world but it is also effecting the world in the way of pollution. These disposable masks are made up of three layers of plastic and take over 400 years to decompose, many of which will end up in our oceans and effecting the marine life

Each gallery is from a different walk, some days finding in the region of 25+ masks on a 4 mile walk, which in the grand scale of things is an absolutely shocking amount.

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